All co-curricular activities are intended to enrich the education of the individual student. Through the pursuit of excellence in these activities, students also enhance the reputation of the school and benefit all of the members of the school community. In deciding to participate in these activities, a student agrees to meet the following standards as a representative of our school. A student’s first commitment is to their studies. In order to be eligible for participation in co-curricular activities, students must be making every effort to succeed in all of their courses. 



The French Club promotes the love of language. Students meet once a week to learn the basics of reading, writing, listening and speaking French through fun interactive activities. This year students went to a French Concert hosted by the Alliance Française. Students listened and danced to three French bands from Canada, Belgium and France. 



HBIC Model United Nations is one of the most active clubs at our school participating in local, regional, and national conferences. This Spring from April 8-10, 2016 it will be hosting HBICMUN Borders. Students from around China will gather to discuss the ways in which borders today are both greater and smaller than ever.

HBIC Spirit Days


Students and staff often get involved in spirit days. This picture is of students and staff celebrating Pink Day. 

Pink Day is a Canadian anti-bullying event held annually on the second Wednesday of April. The day started when David Shepherd and Travis Price saw a student being bullied in their Central Kings Rural High School in Nova Scotia and supported the student by getting everyone at school to wear pink in support of him. Other spirit days include Halloween, Christmas and Valentines day to name a few. 

Mid-year Performances - Halloween, Christmas, Spring


HBIC is well known for its frequent performances throughout the year where our students get to showcase their considerable talent. So whether it's singing, dancing, improv or some other unique ability, HBIC offers a venue for promising performers.

Sports Day


Every fall, the students of HBIC compete in a track and field sports day where the goal is to participate. Even the teachers get involved. Though they may not be as nimble as the students, teachers can still give them a run for their money. The day ends with a school-wide class vs. class, grade vs. grade set of competitions. 

Terry Fox


As part of Huamei’s Canadian cultural experience, our students learn about Canadian hero Terry Fox and help raise money for the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research.  In addition to helping out for the good cause, our students also participate in the local Guangzhou Terry Fox Run.  This school year we were pleased to have Terry’s older sister Judith on hand at our school, which helped the students feel even closer to his legacy.





The yearbook club seeks to provide students with cherished memories that will forever be etched into our minds and hearts. These memories are engraved in the yearbook and are a true reflection of the creativity, and unity that exists among are students. In capturing these experiences we are privileged to endorse all the outstanding and awe-inspiring academic and extracurricular programs that take place at our school.