(Rocky) Chen Feng, B.A., Ph.D., Co-Principal
(Rocky) Chen Feng, B.A., Ph.D., Co-Principal

Welcome to take HBIC train and keep moving.


New Senior 1 students, you are high school students now. You selected the learning and career pathway on the world’s stage. You selected a “shortcut” filled with challenge, of immersion in English training, dual Chinese-Canadian diploma courses, frequent presentation (lectures, statements) trainings, research learning and social activities. Here, you need to learn to study independently, live independently, and train independently to accumulate self-confidence. All beginnings are hard, and twice the effort is the only shortcut!


Senior 2 students, you have left grade one’s youth and became more mature. For the second semester of this school year, be ready to register in Canada’s school roll and participate in the "Ontario" literacy test. Your study records will enter Ontario's education system, and these will become key factors for admission to universities in the future.


Senior 3 students, as you will be in a western standard’s transitional period getting ready to go to another campus for studies, you will receive a more rigorous trial: 8 Canadian courses to test your foundation and dedication. The Canadian teachers and homeroom teachers look forward to your efforts. "The University Liaison Office" will be fully involved in planning your university career and selection of goals for the universities. As for the challenges of IELTS……do not flinch, and don’t even stop walking forward. The darkness before dawn is always restless, but as long as you have confidence, you will certainly enter a brighter future.


In the beginning of last semester, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited our school and inspired us many times. At the beginning of this semester, he also passed on good news. Out of the second session of AP class students who participated in AP Physics, AP Calculus, and AP Macroeconomics exam, 25 people received 5 points (full score), a full-score (5 points) pass rate of 60.8%. In the new school year, I hope this bodes well not only to the AP classmates, but also brings good luck to all the students.


Looking forward and full of hope for the new school year, I send you all a gift, and I hope you will carry it walking forward in the new school year.


This gift is one sentence: the world changed because of me. It represents a type of faith and value. I extracted this sentence from Mr Li Kaifu's autobiography "The World Changed Because of Me". Due to this concept, Mr. Li Kaifu brought many contributions to the world. There are many levels in the world around us: high levels are the earth, the motherland, middle levels are our hometowns, and the small levels are school, class, and family. If you have this type of faith and value and put it into action, the world around you will certainly change. Our daily behaviors look very small and very unexceptional, but it changed this place’s cleanliness and also changed our students’ horizons and the inner spiritual world – changing the world can start from actions next to our bodies, starting with small actions. I hope that each and every one of you can take Li Kaifu as a model and learn from his spirit.


New students, what is most important is the need for action. Therefore, I propose three hopes:


First, every teacher and students need to have a positive attitude. When every person came into the world, there are no differences. The difference between every person’s achieving of accomplishments and happiness is “attitude”.


Secondly, every morning when you get up from bed, think about your own goals. Every day before you go to sleep, look back on whether or not your goal is realistic.


Thirdly, learn to choose, to do the right thing, and to do things the right way. This year is our fifteenth anniversary of the establishment of Huamei and the tenth year of dual diplomas.


I fully hope and trust, and with sincerity, wish you all a healthy, happy, and progressive new school



I wish you joy and success!!!

(Rocky) Chen Feng, B.A., Ph.D.
(Rocky) Chen Feng, B.A., Ph.D.